Focusing on the health and function of women


Pelvic Floor

• Pre and post gynecological surgery rehabilitation
• Perineal tear management
• Management of bowel dysfunction, incontinence and constipation
• Management of chronic pelvic pain and dyspareunia
• Pelvic floor birth preparation


• Lumbo pelvic and hip dysfunctions
• Thoracic, rib and cervical spine pain
• Pelvic girdle pain, pubic symphysis and sacroiliac dysfunction
• Real time ultrasound EAD deep muscle retraining
• Management of pregnancy related hand conditions

Female Cancer Service

• Scar tissue and shoulder manual therapy
• Cancer Rehabilitation exercise program


• Advice, assessment and treatment of incontinence and pelvic girdle pain
• Pelvic floor training


• Assessment and treatment of those with pain on intercouse, tampon placement or suspected pelvic floor overactivity
• Retraining of muscle activity
• Assisting in management of pelvic floor dysfunction in the presence of endometriosis

Antenatal & Postnatal

• Advice, assessment and treatment of pregnancy related joint and muscle pain, nerve pain and movement dysfunction.
• Assessment of pelvic floor
• Education and advice for exercise during pregnancy
• Pregnancy and post natal Pilates
• Blocked milk ducts
Postnal rehabilitation, including core and pelvic floor exercise programmes
• Pelvic pain and stability
• Pelvic Belts
• Pregnancy massage
• Postnatal checks – one hour physiotherapy assessment to ensure your recovery from pregnancy and delivery.

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